Demystifying Alternatives

Our goal is simple: To deliver the highest quality alternative solutions, insights, and partnerships, to real estate owners.

Get an offer

If an agreement is reached, the property evaluation, inspection and other necessary steps proceed.

Fund my deal

Investigate options that suit your needs and investor profile. We advise you on financing and are experts in real estate.


We specialize in creative finance estrategies, giving us a large competitive advantage over other cash buyers.


Let people know what to reach out about and what to expect after contacting you. Contact us now and you will be assisted by our advisors.

Keep the whole sale price in your pocket

Choose us and save up to 10% on agent fees and closing costs.

In low equity situations, we can provide the one solution that guarantees no money out of pocket in order to close the sale

Tired of being a landlord?

Finance your equity to us. Let us handle the tenants while you get your equity back + interest

⁠Need to renew or repair the home before selling it?

Partner with us on a Novation Agreement. We will fix the home while it’s still yours and then sell it. Only 1 closing = more gains for you.

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Let’s schedule a call to discuss the possibilities

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